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W.I.S.P / WOW (Women On Work within the Performing Arts)

WOW - Women On Work within the Performing Arts WOW is an open network supporting women in, on, around their work within the performing arts. As an umbrella organization that attempts to gather, connect and spotlight women’s activities, WOW intends equality in working conditions and in the representation and distribution of work within society. WOW is user-created and embraces all kinds of identities.

After a fabulous workshop with WISP and BLIN...K (see links below) at Theatertreffen in the Akademie der KŁnste Berlin, WOW has been founded in May 2011 with the specific aim of creating a Berlin-based platform for concrete exchange about our work, ressources and working conditions.

Challenging a consensus-based idea of production, according to which a process of production follows upon clarification and agreement of the initial project, WOW wants to set off NOW, in all the heterogeneity we are, and it does so by simply starting with its own distribution. Further discussions, differences and radical fun are welcome. Join in. Rock it. Do it yourself.

W.I.S.P. Wisp (Women in Swedish Performing Arts or What is Stha Problem ?) is a politically independent, non-profit organisation which was founded in the spring 2008 and works for equality within the performing arts, on stage and behind the scenes. Wisp is a production office and a network for women and transgender individuals within the performing arts, within all the professions. ?/x-vad-aer-wisp/