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1. General Performing Arts

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2. Dance

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3. Bibliographies

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Annotated bibliography of both general (Part 1) and specialized (Part 2) theater resources. Concentrates on the U.S. and Canada.

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Annotated references to over 6,000 books (and parts of books) published in English between 1886 and 1948. The "allied arts" include costume, puppetry, circus, variety entertainments, dance and music, but not film, radio or TV.

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Annual list of recent publications cataloged during the previous year by the Research Libraries of The New York Public Library. Guide also serves as an annual supplement to the NYPL’s Catalog of the Theatre and Drama Collections, which may be searched online at It does not provide access to the vast non- book holdings of the Billy Rose Collection at Lincoln Center.

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Gives bibliographic descriptions, but no annotations, for approximately 50,000 books published in the U.S. Arranged by subject, with title index.

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Reference sources in theater, film and dance, with short annotations. Grouped by type of resource (dictionaries, indexes, etc.). This is Volume 1 in Gale’s Performing Arts Information Guide Series ; among other titles in the series are :

Kesler, J. Theatrical Costume.

Stoddard, R. Stage Scenery, Machinery, and Lighting.

Wilmeth, D. American and English Popular Entertainment.

A sampling of other useful theater performance bibliographies would include :

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